Getting nervous during an interview

Different techniques and strategies that interviewers can utilize to help a nervous candidate during a technical interview.

Lucas A. Meyer


May 6, 2021

I do a lot of interviews, and they are high-pressure situations.

It’s very common for people to get nervous during them. When I’m doing a technical interview and I see a candidate getting nervous:

  • I ask them if they need a hint
  • I write a “helper function” to make the problem easier to solve
  • I reduce the complexity of the problem to a simpler case
  • I try to reassure them by telling them that understanding how they’re thinking about the problem is as important as solving the problem: this helps me see where they are stuck.

Frankly, I’m not that sure if what I do helps. Does it?

What would you like interviewers to do if they realize you’re stuck and getting nervous?