So you want to be a manager

The intricacies of a manager’s calendar, necessary meetings, the importance of interpersonal communication, and the individual’s ability to endure lengthy interactions.

Lucas A. Meyer


July 13, 2021

This is what your calendar can look like.

This is not a recent and real calendar from me (so don’t try to book meetings in the open spaces) but it’s a really good approximation of a typical week.

These would be meetings with people, not blocked time to do work. This may not be representative of all managers, but once a manager has a team of size 10+, they may need lots of meetings to: - connect with members of their team for both ongoing work and career development - understand what clients want - synchronize with other internal teams we depend on - perform recruiting activities (interviewing, panels, presentations) - meetings with their own managers - meetings with peers to ensure we’re learning from each other

I am an extreme introvert, and try really hard to avoid low-value meetings. But I still do 30+ hours. So if you want to be a manager, you need to like (or at least be able to endure) talking to people for a long time each week.