South Carolina dolphins!

The article narrates the author’s experience of spotting dolphins during a beach vacation at Isle of Palms, SC.

Lucas A. Meyer


April 4, 2022

After a long winter in Seattle, I finally got some vacations, which I used to visit the Isle of Palms, SC.

One of the days, since the weather was great, but under heavy protests of the teenagers, we went to a beach that was mostly empty.

“But daaaaaad, there will be nothing to dooooo but look at the seeeeea”.

So we looked at the sea, jumped waves, built a tiny sand castle. Then I caught something at the corner of my eye.

“Provably just a bird, dad.”

I didn’t think it was a bird - so I kept looking at the sea. A few moments later… a fin comes out of the water. A shark? No, it was a dolphin.

Now everybody was looking at the sea, checking out the dolphins in the wild.

After that, the day became “the day we saw the dolphins”.

I hope that your spring break is as enjoyable as mine.