Leaving Amazon


Lucas A. Meyer


April 11, 2022

This is my last week at Amazon. I will announce my new position (which is beyond awesome) early next week.

The time I spent at Amazon was great: I have learned an incredible amount and my career grew substantially. Recruiting was superb, training was excellent, and work-life balance (at least on my team) was extremely good. If you have the opportunity to work for Amazon, it’s a solid choice. In particular, CTPS is a great team to work for. The leadership on my team was inspiring: not only they are smart and accomplished, they are also great human beings. I will miss them.

What I will miss the most, however, are the people in my immediate team, many of whom I hired myself. I will miss you a lot. You are extremely competent and I’m lucky to have worked with you for this period of time, which now feels way too short. I learned a lot from you and will take it with me in my future adventures. I wish you the very best on your careers and I hope we meet again soon.