Farewell Lunch

The importance and value of instilling good team dynamics and appreciating contributory efforts in a distributed work environment.

Lucas A. Meyer


April 15, 2022

It was a good farewell lunch at #Amazon. It was a nice day (for #Seattle standards) and the company was top notch. My team at Amazon was very distributed, with some people in San Diego, some people in Vancouver and some in Seattle, so the sad part is that I only got to see the Seattle team.

On the upside, we finally got to know how tall everyone really is, although I think some people were wearing heels. 😀

Thanks Tali Behar for the game and for the restaurant tips, Nisma Nayyar for the delicious baklavas, Haiying Zheng for coming even in your off-time, and Mina Loghavi for all your #leadership and guidance. Thanks to Mark Manning for taking the picture and for being always awesome.

MJ Brooks, MMR , Amrut Deshpande , Joyce Guo, Yuexiu (Rachel) Jin , Amol Palekar , Jiating Lin , Aravind Kumar , Yudi Z. Erin (Xinying) Li, Yuanyong (Esmeralda) Chen, Siddharth Gupta, Raghu Vamsy Sirasala, yuling xiong: you’ve been a wonderful team and I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet in person. I hope we’ll get together sometime.