Copilot’s AI Weaknesses Highlight Early Days of AI


Lucas A. Meyer


April 7, 2023

As a software developer, I have been using GitHub Copilot quite a lot in my daily work. It’s an AI-powered code suggestion tool that has been saving me a lot of time. However, I recently stumbled upon an unexpected weakness of Copilot - it’s not very good at very new APIs.

The other day, I was using the new ChatCompletion API from GPT, and my Copilot didn’t know about it. It kept pushing me to the older Completion API. It made me realize that these AI-powered tools are still learning and growing. It will be interesting to see how these tools will balance new and established APIs in the future.

Instead of being frustrated, I think it’s a good thing that Copilot is not perfect. It’s a good reminder that we are still in the early days of AI, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in AI-powered tools.

Moreover, this makes me less worried about AI taking over the world. If AI decides to attack, it may use swords and shields, not the latest weapons, because it has a lot more battles with swords and shields in its training set. In conclusion, while we should still be cautious about the power and influence of AI, we should also embrace its imperfections and use it as a tool to make our lives easier.